Principal's Desk


M.A.,  M.Phil,  B.Ed


“Being a good leader isn’t about having power over others, but instilling power in others.”

Education is one of the most formidable challenges today. It is belief of students in their teacher which forces them to learn and grow. Teachers understand the hidden qualities of children and through the continuous assessments, teachers prepare update study about the strength and weakness of the child and give support and encouragement to him/her as required.

Today’s children are over protective and more pampered than ever before. At the same time, no doubt they are brighter, smarter and are naturally motivated to learn and capable of grasping what they have been taught by their teacher.

Classroom teaching, interaction among counterparts, making and doing things, experimentation, expressing oneself in speech and writing are the variety of ways works equipping children with skills required for a rapidly changing world.

The need of the hour is to produce emotional, value-conscious ethical citizens. The child centered approach aims to nurture children’s original thinking to connect the learning to children’s individuals needs and to give them diverse experience. Teachers apart from being a facilitator, creates ample opportunities and motivates the students to observe, understand and learn by themselves each and every minute details of a lesson.

Tilak Public School paves way for effective meaningful and joyful learning to accept challenges, face competitions, defect and failure and to rejoice at victory and triumph. In both co-scholastic and life skills domain, the school has initiated various programmes that have helped in growing student’s areas other than scholastic and developing in them sound social and moral values. We take pride in helping them grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of next generation.

We at TPS give equal importance for sports, culture and academics. Parents are instrumental in identifying, nurturing and promoting their ward’s potential or interests. It is parent who should also co-ordinate and co-operate with the teachers in bringing about a comprehensive personality of a child.

The vision, support and guidance of the management committee continue to be a great source of inspiration and I am sure with the co-operation of parents, staff and students the school will reach greater heights in the years to come.