Vice Principal's Desk


B.Com ,  B.Ed ,  M.B.A.(HR),  M.A

(Vice Principal) 

Life is what you make it !

According to me, education is of two kinds. One that helps children make a living and one that makes their life.

A school is a place where student begin to learn lesson of life. At Tilak Public School we believe that each child has his own individuality and possess special skills. Our classroom programmes provide hand on experience with variety of activities, presentations, cultural performances and sports events. It offers large number of opportunities that allow every student to admittance to an environment where they can contribute and shine. Our educators, being felicitators encourage them to develop in their special field of interest. The quest for excellence has assumed paramount importance not only in the field of academic achievements, curiosity to know more but also in leadership qualities.

Dear students, it’s my humble request that you should participate in all the activities conducted in the school, which will help you to discover your hidden talent. Always give your best , nobody will stop you from being successful.

Parents and students should understand that in today’s age of faceless communication through Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, the purpose of education plays an important role which helps them to analyse and explore. Tilak Public School plays an important role where both the teacher and the student explore , not only the outer world of knowledge, but also their own thinking, their own behaviour and aspire moral values, courage and strength to walk on the path if truth, humanity and hard work.

We cannot predict the future of youth but we can certainly prepare our youth for the future. It is important for children to get education and academic training but values that we teach our children are more important for real success. It’s very important to teach students not only about their rights but also about responsibilities. This can be possible only when parent, teacher and student join hands to give new wonders to the society, which will create a positive and inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected.