Principal's Desk



The college website like literature is a mirror image of real life. It is a reflection of students achievements in academic, circular and cocuricular activities.

The Students enter the senior college with aspirations, hope and enthusiasm to explore their abilities. Their abilities are identified, briught out and nurtured by the united efforts of the pillars of the college namely the management and the facultie. The golden rule is "Unity is Strength".

Tilak College is unique in creating a symphony between tradition and modernity. It believes in upholding the Indian Cultire but also offers coirses, which will enable the students to compete in the international market. The college offers seven different diversified streams of education and many more is expected to be added in the future years to come. Such a diversification is a boon to the students with different skills abilities and preferences. Cafeteria approach is adopted and the students are free to choose subject of their interest.

No two blades of grass are alike, so too are the student population: Our dedicated teachers untiringly and consistently try their best to bring the students at par by conducting remedial classes to weak students; and the efforts do bear fruit as its is observed that there is a sea change in the students from entry level to exit level in academics, behaviour as well as attitude. Parents, an equally important stake holder, are involved in grooming the students, as Tilak College regularly organizes Parent - teacher interactions. And, parents are extremely happy to attend such meetings.

"Preach what you Practice" goes the adage. Our faculty members, therefore are ever involved in upgrading their knowledge by attending seminars. presenting papers and participating in workshops in their respective subjects. Guest lectures are organized in different subjects by subject experts which both relieves the students from monotony of routine as well as gives them good exposure.

The trustees of Tilak Education Society put their heart and soul to the cause of educaiton by devoting all thier time and energy in developing the institutins, No doubt they are excellent role models. I am sure, the college will get its recognitin not only in Navi Mumbai, but in entire Mumbai, by the Grace of Almighty and blessings of our founder secretary member, Smt. Sarada Kurup..