Principal's Desk



"Positive thinking is an ingredient to combat the challenges of every day's life"

This saying is apt for the students, teachers & every individual who is facing challenges of life. "Life is not a bed of roses. Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans."

To succeed in life we must have faith in God, fear of God, positive thinking & perseverance. Value based teaching is one factor we have to give predominance. Right from primary level good values can be inculcated in every step of a child's life. A teacher is a mentor of a child's life. A teacher can mould a child in the correct way with the correct values of life. Parents also have got great responsibilities in molding the children. Each child is special before God. We must wrap our children with prayer even though they are grown up. Prayer is the key for the morning and the bolt for the evening.

Tilak Education Society's Vashi English High School has been giving qualitative value based teaching to the students irrespective of caste, creed and colour. Students have been motivated to develop positive attitude. They have been encouraged to exhibit their inner hidden talents through various competitions inside and outside the school. Students were given opportunities to speak before an audience which removed their fear & nervousness. That training will help them in the long run to become good orators.

Our school stresses on academic excellence and provides the best possible training for our students to excel at the highest level. Academically weaker students were given special attention through remedial classes. Even this year, our school has secured 100% result in SSC Board examinations with most students passing with flying colours

Each child has got limitations. So we cannot compare one child with another child. Proper counseling for problematic children is very important while dealing with the students. Student's life must be stress free from everything. For that encourage the students for physical exercise i.e., to take part in various sports activities. With all these we can make better citizens for tomorrow as the saying goes on "Today's child is tomorrow's leader".